Instruction and Affordable Swords and Iaito


  Instruction in Traditional Japanese Martial Arts And Affordable, Quality, Hand Made Swords!



Welcome to Affordable Swords and Iaito from Mountain Teachings.  Our blades were designed by Iai professionals to meet the needs of beginner and experienced practitioners. I personally have been involved in the development and testing of these fine blades and I am proud to recommend them to my students and to you, my fellow practitioners of Iaido!

We offer Traditional Swords and Iaito of beauty to the discerning Sword practitioner. These are  refined blades forged to offer an excellent choice of options. Choose from swords made using Traditional Tamahagane (Steel smelted from Iron Sand), Oroshigane (Steel smelted from Iron Pieces), Forge-Folded, Forged Edge-Tempered and Forged Throught-Tempered.

From a well respected family owned forge in China, the only family forge that has been making Japanese swords with the tradition for five generations, and more importantly with the master smith’s passion and soul.  A professional Japanese trained sword smith with over 25 years experience enhances the Japanese swordsmithing tradition and adds critical integrity to the metallurgy, design and workmanship of the sword lines. He has been trained in Soshu tradition under the Kanefusa lineage in Gifu Japan.

The partnership now has come to a place where we can offer the highest quality swords on the market at a fantastic price. Each and every sword carries a limited lifetime guarantee. We have gathered several of the highest grade traditional japanese trained smiths in Asia to work with us in our studios, all with more than 10 years of experience. We have trained, and continued to educate our in house smiths in the fine detailed techniques of Japanese swordsmithing tradition. While continuing to develop and refine our swords, we strictly adhere to the classic traditions of Japanese master smith techniques.

Why should one choose to purchase an iaito (non-sharpened practice blade) and swords (sharp) from us?  Because, of our combined years of “Master Craftsmanship”, “Study of the Arts”, “Integrity”, and “Our Guarantee”. ”Integrity is being Good when NO ONE is Watching“! Ours swords while perfect for the martial arts practitioner doing training, cutting, & Iaido, are designed to with stand sword to sword combat in battle.  We are using the finest grade materials for our swords. We don’t use a standard carbon grade modern steel, we create our own special propriety mixes, to insure the finest blades available. Our special proprietary forging, hardening and polishing techniques are refined using the foundation of classical techniques that have been handed down through generations. The fittings are cast and hand finished in 3 shades of bronze. Our fittings and koshirae have been exclusively designed by our leading artesian designers. All with the correct Japanese “Shape” and “Size”. Therefore our tsuka (handles) have the perfect feel, fit, and line. This gives excellent performance, and real authentic esthetics.

Our Limited Lifetime Guarantee states “WE STAND BEHIND OUR WORK“!  If you acquire one of our swords through us with proof of purchase & sword certificate, we will repair or replace any sword or blade that does not perform up to the expected level for its grade. Each of our sword blade comes with its own “Smith’s Signature”, “Made Date”, and comes with the Forge’s very special “Authentic Certificate”! So, you can trace it back when and by whom it was made. Each of our swords is fully handmade and the fittings are handcrafted too. Therefore, no sword will be ever be exactly alike. Each sword is it’s own, one of kind, work of art. Each and every sword in our sword lines is designed for specific performance parameters. We stand behind the entire handcrafted koshirae as well (handle fittings and case)!  It is guaranteed to hold up and not come apart. (For example unwrapping, lacquer peeling, or craftsmanship error) etc. Welcome to read more about our Life-Time Warranty and please feel free to contact us to acquire one of our finest handcrafted swords art today!


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